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  • In Spotlight: Neural DSP

    In Spotlight: Neural DSP

    About Neural DSP Neural DSP produces state-of-the-art amplifiers and plugging powered by artificial intelligence and neural networks. Their mission is to empower musicians by democratizing access to world-class sound. Neural DSP was founded in Helsinki, Finland 2017 by Chilean musicians Douglas Castro and Francisco Cresp. Neural DSP was the second company for Douglas, having founded Darkglass Electronics earlier in his career. With both companies, his dream has been the same: To create products that would help musicians take their sound to the next level. The Product Neural DSP aims to develop technology to advance the stage of the art in

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  • In Spotlight: Boksi

    In Spotlight: Boksi

    Boksi is a company bridging the brands and the creator economy. They offer a platform where creators and brands realize their creative potential, making influencer marketing and content sourcing simple. Boksi was founded in 2018 by Lasse Laaksonen, Linus Lindgård, Dan Lindholm, and Tomer Atzmon. The company offers a curated network of global content creators who create on-demand photo and video content for brands. Algorithms match content creators with the brands they fit best. In addition, the platform analyses posts of micro-influencers on Instagram and maps the behavior and preferences of their followers. Boksi for Brands For brands, Boksi offers

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  • RangeForce Raised $20 Million Series B to Boost Its Human Cyber Readiness Platform

    RangeForce Raised $20 Million Series B to Boost Its Human Cyber Readiness Platform

    Our Fund I portfolio company RangeForce announced the completion of $20 million in financing encompassing a Series B round. This funding will be used to fuel the expansion of the RangeForce human cyber readiness platform. Energy Impact Partners and Paladin Capital Group led the latest round and were joined by KPN Ventures, Lapa Capital Partners, and Lanx Capital, with participation from Cisco Investments.  This funding supports our vision to equip the diverse modern workforce with comprehensive cybersecurity upskilling solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to defend against cyber-attacks. Our mission is urgent in light of the global shortage of

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  • Trind Invests in SACLÀB

    Trind Invests in SACLÀB

    Trind Ventures invests in SACLÀB, the online marketplace for pre-loved luxury designer bags, as the company raised 1.6 million euros from Trind Ventures and G-Fund. With the funds, the company seeks to tenfold its turnover. We continue our consumer investments from our second fund with an investment into SACLÁB. In this post, we talk more about this designer handbag resale startup, the journey of its founders, Alexandra and Jan-Oliver, and the investment itself. Investments are highly competitive – especially in e-commerce, following post-pandemic declines in online sales. The exception: the fashion resale market is booming and has nearly tripled since 2020, showing

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  • Chatchamp Merges with trbo

    Chatchamp Merges with trbo

    Trind Ventures Fund I saw its second exit when the personalization platform trbo acquired guided selling provider Chatchamp. Online users have high expectations of the browsing and shopping experience; they expect content and offers individually tailored to their needs. To expand its existing product portfolio by providing a perfect guided selling module, the personalization platform trbo has combined forces with its long-standing partner Chatchamp. In the future, Chatchamp and trbo will jointly align their strategic product development with growing even closer together and offering their customers more options to create a perfect onsite user experience. The two solutions will also

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  • In the Spotlight: Ready Player Me

    In the Spotlight: Ready Player Me

    Ready Player Me is a cross-game avatar platform for the builders, creators, and residents of the metaverse. Today, Ready Player Me is used by over 6,500 developers worldwide, and in autumn 2022, the company raised a $56 million Series B round led by Andreessen Horowitz. But what has been the company’s journey to becoming the leading avatar platform? From hardware to the metaverse Ready Player Me was founded in 2014 by Timmo Tõke, Rainer Selvet, Kaspar Tiri, and Haver Järveoja. The company, also known as Wolf 3D, started in 3D scanning, first as a studio and later with its proprietary

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  • Trind Invests in Webel, the App that Brings Any Service to Your Doorstep

    Trind Invests in Webel, the App that Brings Any Service to Your Doorstep

    We are happy to announce our fourth investment by Fund II and the second investment into Spain: Webel. Webel is an app that brings any service to your doorstep. So far, everything is being brought to our homes: food, consumer goods… However, services (e.g., beauty) have not followed this path… yet. This is what Webel’s team found; since then, they have been building a marketplace that allows users to easily search, book and enjoy almost any service in the comfort of their homes. Webel was founded by Nacho, Carlos, Guillermo & Javier while at university. They suddenly realized that its

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  • Who Was the Founder of the Year? – Recap of the Estonian Startup Awards 2022

    Who Was the Founder of the Year? – Recap of the Estonian Startup Awards 2022

    Estonian Startup Awards 2022 took place on January 27th. This year Trind portfolio companies and founders were well-represented in the awards. Timmu Töke / Ready Player Me The Founder of the Year 2022 was Timmu Töke of Ready Player Me. Timmu Tõke has overseen Ready Player Me as the CEO for nine years, through countless pivots, and in 2022 raised a $56M B-round led by US investor Andreessen Horowitz (total funding is now $72M). Ready Player Me – in its current form – was launched in 2020 and has since been rapidly scaled to 5,000+ customers across the metaverse. Clients

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  • In the spotlight: Fractory

    In the spotlight: Fractory

    Fractory is an on-demand metal fabrication platform. It helps manufacturers find the part they need and connect with customers. They’re not in charge of making anything themselves; instead, their marketplace serves as an interface between those who manufacture and those who need it. Fractory was founded in 2017 by Martin Vares, Joosep Merelaht, and Rein Torm. The company’s mission is to provide a platform for Engineers and Manufacturers to meet and guide manufacturing toward sustainability. Three pillars of sustainability The focus on environmental sustainability sets Fractory apart from many other B2B marketplaces. They believe that sustainability goes beyond simply being

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  • In Spotlight: Tise

    In Spotlight: Tise

    Tise is a second-hand marketplace based in Oslo, Norway. It was designed so that users not only buy products from its platform but also save the planet, reducing their climate footprint. This application was created in 2014 by Eirik Rime and Axel Franck Næss, but its official launch was in 2016. The fast-paced world in which we live has shown many advances in all areas, including technology, textile fashion, electronics, and health. Still, unfortunately, they have negatively affected our planet. Knowing this, the founders of Tise felt the need to show the world that living a quality life sustainably is

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