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We want to be supporting the future founders in building the next world-changing startups. As a part of this support, we are collaborating with accelerators, tech events, and other startup ecosystem players, sharing our experiences as investors and entrepreneurs. On this page, we have collected some of the presentations we have given, hoping that those might be useful for some of the founders.

We are always happy to give a keynote or participate in a panel discussion or a fireside chat, so if you are looking for a presenter for your event, feel free to reach out to us.

StartinLV Webinar: Quantifying the Narrative: Growing Your Startup with Data

In this webinar by StartinLV, Liis Hiie and Reima Linnanvirta discuss how you can use data to steer your startup toward the product/market fit and how to use the data to convince investors.

Startup Day 2023: Navigating the Chill: Is VC Heading into a Winter Season?

In Startup Day by StartinLV Reima Linnanvirta joined Raimonds Kulbergs (, Matīss Neimanis (Buildit Latvia), Arvydas Bloze (Practica Capital), and Janiina Kauppinen (Vendep Capital) to talk about the outlook of VC industry in Nordics and Baltics.

Maria01 Community Breakfast: Data-Driven Startup – How to Use Data to Drive Your Growth and Secure Funding

Our Iryna Krepchuk and Reima Linnanvirta chat with Maria01‘s Henri Kuusla about how startups can use data, drive their growth, and secure funding.

TechChill: Reverse Pitching

Investors can’t pitch. Or can they? Our Partner Reima Linnanvirta jumped on the stage in TechChill with Gwen Sandberg (Inventure), Michael Bjørnlund (Rockstart), Julian von Eckartsberg (Burda Principal Investments), and Raimonds Kulbergs (

Q Berlin: United Delivery Mission

Ivar Siimar speaks at Q Berlin interview with Specialist VC’s Riivo Anton about their non-profit organization helping Ukraine, the United Delivery Mission.

Startup Grind Helsinki, Calqulate & Trind: Investor Reporting for Startups

In this webinar, our Partner Reima Linnanvirta joins Calqulate’s Founder Niko Laine, and addresses questions like what KPIs you should include in your Investor report, how you can calculate your growth, and how you should use your past metrics to create accurate forecasts.

Kasvu Open FWD: What to Expect From an Investor

Reima Linnanvirta is talking with Nordea Startup & Growth’s Minna Åkerholm about what aspects founders should consider when searching for the right investor for their business.

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