Supporting aspiring entrepreneurs

We invest in tech start-ups across Europe, from seed rounds all the way to sustainability

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Where we invest

  • Primarily Northern and Central Europe
  • Tech innovations benefiting end users
  • Community driven inbound business models
  • Hardworking teams who have attracted their first happy customers
  • Companies with a long-term path to a defensible competitive position

How we can help

  • We start from the seed round, initially committing €0.1-0.5 million
  • We could lead a seed round or be a syndicate member with business angels and other investors
  • We are focused investors, and only invest in up to 8 companies per year
  • We help to lengthen the runway, with a focus on financial sustainability, not on constant fundraising
  • We follow-on, investing up to €3 million per company

Joel Aasmäe
Managing Partner

Joel is based in Tallinn and takes care of our operations as the Managing Partner. You can chat with him at most industry events in Europe.

Mai Terve

Mai is based in Tallinn and takes care of our finances and reporting. She keeps our operations going and holds everyone to their deadlines.

Ivar Siimar

Ivar is based in Tallinn, but is a frequent traveller to Riga, Vilnius, Helsinki and elsewhere. A great place to find him is at an EBAN activity.

Kimmo Irpola

Kimmo is based in Helsinki, but is frequently in his second home of Budapest. You can also find him in Prague and Bratislava.

Taavi Lepmets

Taavi is based in Munich, but often meets companies in Central and Eastern Europe. He attends many industry events.

Reima Linnanvirta

Reima is based in Helsinki and as a President Emeritus of the FiBAN, he is an active member in angel investors’ communities. You can find him at most industry events in Northern Europe.

Peeter Kompus
Investment Manager

Peeter is covering mainly Nothern- and Central European markets. He is passionate about topics related to consumer, community and platform solutions along with KPI-s driving product-led growth for those solutions.

Daria Shepetko

Daria is based in the Netherlands and supports the team with research and analytics.


The entrepreneurs we have partnered with over the last 20 years are hardworking and extremely smart. But even then they needed more time and resources to make an impact. With our support, they have increased their time horizons, allowing them to sustain their businesses.

We have been humbled by some of the outstanding exits our partner entrepreneurs have provided us. Nevertheless, we think that some of the most valuable lessons come from our failures; we are excited to share our experience with new teams.

Reach out

Send us your proposal or approach us through a mutual contact.

We aim to give feedback to every entrepreneur, so if you do not hear back from us, please follow up – it’s not that your business is impossible.