Reima Linnanvirta


Reima has been one of the most active angels in Finland and in the Nordics. Before joining Trind as a Partner in 2022, he had built a portfolio of 35 companies and achieved the fastest exit in 104 days.

He started out his professional career with private equity, working as a consultant at EY. Then, after co-founding Alder & Sound, he moved on to working with startups. About a decade ago, Reima started angel investing, and since 2015 it has been his primary occupation until joining Trind. Also, throughout 2019-2021, he was actively engaged in FiBAN, serving as a Vice Chair and then Chair of the Board.

As a Partner at Trind, Reima is actively covering the Nordics and he also likes looking into the Baltics and Spain. As for domains, he possesses solid expertise in B2B, EdTech, LegalTech, and ComplianceTech – as Reima jokingly says “anything that is BoringTech”. Reima has also been actively supporting female founders and impact-driven startups.

As an entrepreneur himself, he really likes the excitement of building a business and creating something new. Reima says “as a VC, I can work with passionate founders and help them to fulfill their dreams and visions”.

In his free time, Reima is brewing his own beer (with American Pale Ale being his favorite).