Kimmo Irpola


Kimmo is our “Jack of all trades”, who combines technical expertise, extensive international background, varied C-level experiences, and strong empathy for people and spotting talent.

He started out at Telecom Finland in late 1990 and then was recruited to the M&A arm there after being involved in a couple of transactions in an operational role. After that, he was recruited to join 3TS Capital in 1999 and that’s when his investor journey began. At 3TS he reached the position of Investment Director.

At Trind, he is currently focusing mostly on Finland deal flow but he is also looking at Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Balkan deal flow as well. As an investor, he is pretty generalist but his background as M.Sc. in Telecommunication allows for a good technical perspective.

Kimmo has several criteria for a successful founder. They should be driven yet experienced enough, ready to learn and ready to adapt, and most importantly, honest people, working with whom is enjoyable.

In his free time, he enjoys playing padel and tennis.