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Fractory is an on-demand metal fabrication platform. It helps manufacturers find the part they need and connect with customers. They’re not in charge of making anything themselves; instead, their marketplace serves as an interface between those who manufacture and those who need it.

Fractory was founded in 2017 by Martin Vares, Joosep Merelaht, and Rein Torm. The company’s mission is to provide a platform for Engineers and Manufacturers to meet and guide manufacturing toward sustainability.

Three pillars of sustainability

The focus on environmental sustainability sets Fractory apart from many other B2B marketplaces. They believe that sustainability goes beyond simply being “green” and that it’s essential to consider the entire manufacturing process.

Fractory’s three pillars of sustainability are environmental, economic, and social:

  • Maximizing the everyday use of the available machinery
  • Using the right machine for a specific job
  • Reducing material waste by order aggregation,
  • Keeping the manufacturing close to the customer.
  • Decreasing customer prices by matching a supplier with the right skills
  • Increasing revenues for suppliers by forwarding jobs suitable for them
  • Saving alternative time for our clients and suppliers
  • Managing risk for all parties by taking responsibility for the process
  • Working alongside universities to improve engineering education
  • Supporting non-profit engineering projects
  • Speaking publicly to raise awareness about the sector
  • Working with manufacturing organizations to build an environment for growth.

This commitment to sustainability has made Fractory a leader in the industry, with a team of more than 80 members (half of whom have a mechanical engineering background).

Creation of Fractory

Martin Vare’s own manufacturing company laid down the groundwork for Fractory. How?

It all started with a problem: There needed to be more efficiency in how metal parts were sourced and manufactured. Too often, projects were delayed due to long lead times. There needed to be a more efficient way for engineers to connect with the right manufacturing company. They either have to go through an intermediary or spend hours contacting different suppliers. 

In 2017, the founding members assembled a team of like-minded engineers and set out to create a platform to make ordering custom metal parts easier. 

“We developed software that instantly generates quotes based on uploaded 3D models. Since then, we’ve constantly been improving technology and expanding our services for our ever-growing customer base.” 

The solution

Fractory’s solution to this problem was simple: a Cloud Manufacturing Platform that connects engineers with like-minded manufacturers while also being sustainable. 

Fractory provides a platform where engineers can upload their specifications and receive pricing from a network of carefully vetted manufacturers. They also have a team of sourcing experts who can offer guidance if needed. 

This not only saves our customers time and money, but it also helps to support sustainable manufacturing practices. By making it easier for companies to find the right supplier, Fractory can help to reduce waste and emissions associated with the production process. 

We first invested in Fractory in 2019, and since then, Fractory has raised $9M for their metal works cause and expanded to various locations. If you have a B2B marketplace like Fractory looking for seed funding, how about reaching out to us?

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