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Tise is a second-hand marketplace based in Oslo, Norway. It was designed so that users not only buy products from its platform but also save the planet, reducing their climate footprint. This application was created in 2014 by Eirik Rime and Axel Franck Næss, but its official launch was in 2016.

The fast-paced world in which we live has shown many advances in all areas, including technology, textile fashion, electronics, and health. Still, unfortunately, they have negatively affected our planet. Knowing this, the founders of Tise felt the need to show the world that living a quality life sustainably is possible without impacting the environment so much.

The Tise team has always had a clear mission: to use technology to offer its users products that inspire them to live sustainably, being aware that their actions will always have an impact on the environment.

The Beginnings

From its conception, Tise’s goal has been to provide a quality service to its users, allowing them to buy and sell products, including logistics, and giving them payment options. This makes the experience more enjoyable and secure.

On Tise, users can like, chat, add photos and text, follow other people, and stay updated on sustainable fashion. Currently, this platform has a large community of more than 2.5 million registered users, of which about 150,000 log in daily.

Trind first invested in Tise in 2020. In 2021 Tise attracted $11 million in investments, and in 2022, Tise announced that it had received €19.4 million funding round from Nysnø Climate Investments, eBay Ventures, and other investors.

The support of the investors has meant an important achievement for Tise, which wants to bring its technology to other countries in the world and gradually achieve, through its second-hand marketplace platform, an impact on this generation on the importance of caring for the planet.

The Future

For Tise, the short-term goal is to strengthen its brand in Nordic countries, showing the benefits of buying second-hand products in reducing the climate footprint of each one. Part of the process includes preparing its platform to receive and serve a more significant number of users.

On the other hand, they also want to reach Europe in the medium term and make themselves known as a second-hand and sustainable fashion Marketplace.

According to research conducted by Tise, the textile sector produces more than 10% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions due to water use, waste production, and pollution. This reality is what Tise wants to change, which is why it has set these goals that it hopes to achieve between 2025 and 2030.

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