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In this blog post, we put the spotlight on eAgronom, a Trind Ventures GreenTech & AgriTech portfolio company empowering farmers to generate more revenue, improve soil quality, and reduce carbon emissions.

Team eAgronom
Team eAgronom. Copyright: eAgronom

About eAgronom

eAgronom is a GreenTech company that provides digital tools for farmers to manage their operations more effectively, generate additional revenue streams, and improve their environmental sustainability. Their mission is to make farming more sustainable by empowering farmers with the right tools and data to make informed decisions.

eAgronom started as a farm management software program that helped farmers to create a Planting Plan and crop protection schedule. Today, the company offers a suite of products that allow farmers to increase their revenue streams, improve soil quality, and access better financing.

The Beginning

In the spring of 2016, founder Robin Saluoks created the first farm management software prototype to help out his father, a farmer. The company was founded, and later in the autumn, an MVP of the farm management software created by Stenver Jerkku, Kristjan-Julius Laak, and Kaarel Tinn was launched.

In the beginning, eAgronom was developed to help small and medium-sized farmers to save time and resources on planning and organizing their farming operations. The software digitized the process of coordinating inputs, such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, and ensured that farmers were optimizing their use of resources. It also helped farmers to apply for state support. 

From Farm Management Software to Carbon Emission Reduction to Access to Finance

Today, eAgronom’s service offerings have expanded beyond farm management software. Farmers can use the company’s services to generate revenue by participating in carbon programs, which incentivize practices that reduce carbon emissions and sequester carbon in the soil. 

In addition, eAgronom has developed tools for farmers to access better financing based on data-driven assessments of their farmland and crops. By collecting environmental and agricultural data, such as soil quality, crop yields, and climate patterns, eAgronom can help farmers quantify the value of their land and assets and provide information to lenders willing to offer better terms based on more accurate risk assessments. Today, eAgronom is partnering with well-known brands such as Swedbank, LHV, Wihuri Agri, South Pole, Pfeifer & Langen, and Dojus Group.

eAgronom and Trind Ventures

Trind made the first investment in eAgronom in 2018. Later, the company raised approximately €15 million from investors such as United Angels, Superangel, ZGI, Iron Wolf Capital, and Yolo Investments.

It has been exciting to share eAgronom’s mission to bring financial benefits to sustainable farmers. Robin and the team have come a long journey since our first investment, and we are excited to see what the future holds for them.

Ivar Siimar, Partner at Trind

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