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Boksi is a company bridging the brands and the creator economy. They offer a platform where creators and brands realize their creative potential, making influencer marketing and content sourcing simple.


Boksi was founded in 2018 by Lasse Laaksonen, Linus Lindgård, Dan Lindholm, and Tomer Atzmon. The company offers a curated network of global content creators who create on-demand photo and video content for brands. Algorithms match content creators with the brands they fit best. In addition, the platform analyses posts of micro-influencers on Instagram and maps the behavior and preferences of their followers.

Boksi for Brands

For brands, Boksi offers influencer campaigns, custom brand photos, and user-generated video content. With Boksi, the brands can share their campaigns with over 15,000 influencers, make data-driven decisions, and manage their entire influence marketing workflow in one place.

The platform lets the brands get authentic content from creators, such as customer photo content, TikToks, and unboxing videos from real people talking about the product. Such brands as Luhta, Aller Media, Lumene, and many more trust Boksi.

Boksi for Creators

With Boksi, the creators get the opportunity to work with the brands they love. They can build straightforward influencer campaigns, work with brands from fashion to food and everything in between, can enjoy transparent pricing and simple billing.

The content creators can also join customer content projects. They can apply to content projects in the Boksi marketplace, with comprehensive briefs and dos and dont’s for each project.

Boksi Vision

Our vision is simple: it should be easy to get involved with the creator economy. As creators ourselves, we know that getting started is the hardest and scariest part. Putting yourself out there for the world to judge takes courage. But you should always let your passion drive you. And as entrepreneurs and marketers, we know how incredible it is to see the love that fans have for brands, but tapping into that is a venture all unto itself. However, the rewards are worth it. So, we decided to build the bridge leading to positive, powerful, and profitable interactions between creators and brands.

Boksi and Trind

Trind made the first investment in Boksi in 2019 as a lead investor, with Nordic angel investors as co-investors. Following that round, we also invested in the company in the follow-on rounds in 2020 and 2021.

Our journey with Boksi has been exciting. Lasse and his team have pushed the company forward, and we believe they have exciting times ahead.

Kimmo Irpola, Partner at Trind

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